5 Digital Advertising Tips That You Need to Know

Whether you’re new to business or have been in it for some time, there are always ways to better what you’re doing through the world of digital advertising. Maybe you already follow and use digital ideas, but there are 5 advertising tips you need to know about now. Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising can be of help to you and your business by incorporating digital advertising within your business. It helps to have professional advice when you’re starting out and you want the right foothold from the beginning.

Incorporate digital advertising in your business. You can target the right customers. Use these 5 advertising tips in your plan.

1. Make Use of Social Media

Focus on targeting individuals where they are online the most. With more and more people spending a good deal of their time on social media sites, you’ll want to invest in digital advertising through a Philadelphia branding and design agency such as Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising. They’ll help you decide on the right advertising format for your business.

Find social media contacts in different layouts. Place it on the sides or margins of a site map or incorporate it in other applications. You can also use sponsored posts. You pay for the social network exclusively and they promote the ads you want to place.

2. Retargeting Customers

You want to reach the right audience and displaying ads to just anyone won’t bring customers your way. Targeting the right individuals is the key to a successful business. Research shows that re-targeting provides the right customers. You want to reach a select group of people.

If you have website visitors that leave without committing, you’ll want to re-target them. Using email capture forms on a website can help you restore interested customers. You’ll want to construct a list of emails through those people who don’t commit.

With an email capture on your site, you can gain many email addresses, plus you can send messages encouraging customers to return to your site. You can also gain customers through enabling cookies, which will allow you to maintain browser histories to pinpoint customer specifics.

A retargeting process includes

  • Looking at customer character traits
  • Pinpointing your benefits over your features
  • Providing customer surveys
  • Finding patterns in customer feedback
  • Collecting customer studies as to their demographics
  • Keeping a close eye on competitors
  • Completely understanding your position as a company

3. Enhance Landing Pages

If you’re expecting customers to use your site, a relevant landing page is another item of importance. Landing pages play a huge part in turning site users into customers. A landing page should be be impressive and intriguing. It also needs to be relevant. Whether you’re offering a product or service, you want a landing page that follows what your advertising represents. If it doesn’t, potential customers will move on to another site that does.

Going along with branding is the brief content or message you decide to use on your site. It should correlate with what’s on your landing page. It sets up the opportunity to communicate with potential customers. You want content or messaging to be concise. With limited copy space or the time to gain the attention of users, it’s critical that you get your message in order.

It’s easy to lose track of a digital user in a matter of seconds. You’re limited to a short period to pull in interested customers, so you want to stay with emotional and encouraging messaging. Clicking through to your ad is important and a simple message or short phrase should suffice. For many brands, you’ll want to emphasize their value suggestion, highlight core values and provide an incentive for their use.

There are also tools that are dedicated to helping you target ads with the right fundamentals. Consult with a Philadelphia branding and design agency for what tools you can use to focus your ads to the right point.

4. Use Testimonials

Testimonials are one way to garner attention. Individual testimonials of actual people make it easier for viewers of your site to see how great your product or service is. They’ll be more inclined to believe personal product testimonials from what others have said. They’ll want to purchase the product or service themselves.

You can gain from displaying testimonials to your website and social media. You can either find testimonials through review sites or you can email customers and ask them to give direct feedback to you. Anyone that says something positive about what you’re doing is important and you’ll gain new customers because of it

5. Branding

Your brand is another critical aspect of digital advertising. Your advertising should reflect your personal brand and what it represents. Customers should know who you are and what your brand embodies. Go further than the simple urgency of selling the product or service and let customers know who you are in total.

Placing an ad that doesn’t depict your brand may steer customers to another similar product or service. Make sure all your advertising reflects the personality of your company. Whether it’s pay-for-click (PPC) advertising or your website, you want the heart of your company from your website to your PPC to showcase its important qualities.

If you want your company to be on top of its game, think seriously about adding digital marketing ideas to your platform. You’ll increase flow to your site while gaining new customers. Whether you just have general questions about digital advertising or want direct help with your business, call Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising at (484) 879-6145. We’ll help you see the advantages of advertising in a digital format.

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