Pros of Hiring a Graphic Designer for Your Business

Pros of Hiring a Graphic Designer for Your Business

Not all companies keep a skilled graphic designer on staff. Some don’t even bother hiring professional designers, thinking that they can handle everything in-house. While this may occasionally work, it will seldom be the optimal thing. The importance of graphic design to the success of any advertising venture cannot be overstated, and that isn’t the only reason to keep one handy. Let’s look at a few more good reasons to hire a graphic designer for your business.

1. Less Waiting Time

When you have an on-staff graphic designer (or a dedicated independent contractor), they are more likely to put your order at the top of the list. In the case of an on-staff designer, there will be no choice, as you are their only client. By contrast, an outsider might have a big stack of orders, and they may not be able to put yours at the top. That means you may end up waiting a little bit longer.

Hiring a graphic designer, on the other hand, means that you have someone who is always ready to take up that kind of job. You won’t have to wait for them to finish other orders and you won’t have to go through the time-consuming process of communicating with them through a third party. All of this adds up a speedier result and less delay on your graphic design projects.

2. More Consistent Results

There are years of market research that show the importance of brand consistency. When people have come to associate your brand with a particular image, any change to that image may be rejected. Even subtle changes to your logo may be unpopular among some customers. This makes a lot of sense because smart buyers will stick with what they know. If a particular product has given them good results in the past, they will be more likely to buy it again. Most people will subconsciously associate that imagery with that good product and that image becomes fixed.

When you have a dedicated graphic design expert, you know that all of your images and branding will be consistent. When it’s all being done by the same person (or the same team of people), your brand will gradually come to be associated with that particular art style. This goes a long way towards establishing the uniqueness of your company and its products.

3. Better Communication

When you hire graphic designers through a third party, you may not be able to communicate with them directly. Instead, you pass instructions to their bosses who then pass it on to the designer. Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions, certain things can get lost in transit. Thus, the designer may not get an accurate picture of what you want from the work. Obviously, this won’t result in the kind of results for which you have paid.

When you go ahead and hire a dedicated designer, this factor no longer exists. Even if you have contracted them through another company, you should still be able to communicate with them. As long as they are a dedicated member of your staff, they work for you (even if they might also work for someone else). This makes it easier for them to give you exactly what you want. Any miscommunication of your wishes can be remedied through direct and regular communication.

4. A Higher Standard Of Quality

A company also has the option of handling its graphic design in-house. We haven’t talked much about this option because it is not a very good one. The basic idea is to find someone on your staff with artistic talents and put those talents to use. However, that is making a lot of assumptions. You are assuming that you have such a talented person on staff, and assuming that they are willing to take the job. Further, you are assuming that this person has the professionalism to give you consistent and reliable results.

When you hire a trained graphic designer, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. Unlike amateur “hobby” artists, they see their art as a profession. As such, they are already accustomed to producing professional-quality designs in a high-demand environment. Even if they are inexperienced, they will have been trained with this approach in mind. At the end of the day, you can only hope to get professional-quality results from a true professional.

5. Allows For A Localized Approach

For companies that do most of their business in person (department stores, restaurants, etc.), it is important to tailor your marketing to your locale. Because people and cultures differ so much from place to place, there is no such thing as a universal marketing approach.

By hiring a graphic designer from among the local community, you can get the perspective of someone who knows the local people and culture. Thus, they can tailor those graphics (and the messages that accompany them) to fit the surrounding factors. For instance, let’s say you are looking for creative companies in Philadelphia. More specifically, let’s say you want a Philadelphia branding and design agency. When you look at their advertising, you will see that they have taken the culture and landmarks of Philadelphia into account.


There are plenty of good reasons to employ a graphic designer. If you need these services on a regular basis (and most companies do), you might want to consider keeping a graphic designer on staff. Such people can be contracted through other companies while still directly working for your company. This is the ideal thing, as it allows you to get a well-vetted employee at a lower cost. If you would like to know more, you can call Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising at (484) 879-6145. We can help you make that crucial first impression and get all kinds of new business. As we always say, you only get one first impression…we’re here to make sure it’s the right one!

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