5 Simple Psychology Tricks to Increase Your Conversion Rate

While we all want to think that we are unique, our human brains process information in the same way. Advertisers and marketers have been using this fact to their advantage for decades to increase conversion rates and sell products. You don’t have to be a psychologist to help boost your conversions. Some methods can be easily incorporated into your website. Here are five simple psychology tricks that you can use to increase your conversions.

5 – Use Placement and Color To Pop CTAs

A gorgeous website might not convert without a call to action (CTA). These short phrases gently nudge your audience to take action. If you want visitors to sign up for a newsletter or purchase a book, these CTAs need to be in spots that visitors can easily see. Users should be able to take a quick scroll down the page and find your CTA. If it is buried in the page, it is not working for you. Remember that placement is vital for your CTA.

Along with placement, make your CTA stand out with color. Think of using colors that contrast with the surroundings. If you have a color palette for your brand, use an accent color for the CTA. Those prominent shades can create a sense of urgency and cause your visitors to take action.

4 – Create a Blog

When someone is browsing the internet, they just don’t find a random page and start shopping. In many cases, these visitors will conduct some research before making a purchase. Shoppers love to contrast and compare their options. While you could be at the top of the search engine page, you need a little more content to push your visitors into making a purchase.

A blog is one way to accomplish this task. If you have a blog about your products and industry, that can go a long way to boost your visitor’s confidence. In addition to that, regular content can help to improve your website’s SEO ranking.

You don’t have to create blog posts that directly advertise your products or services. However, make sure that your content is something that provides value for the visitors. When you do that, the visitor is more likely to think of you as an authority figure.

With self-published content, your website can rank higher for a specific industry or keyword. When you can provide valuable knowledge to the world, readers will see you as a trustworthy source. Visitor confidence can lead to a boost in conversions for your brand.

3 – Simplify the User Experience

When you have a website, you want to keep everything easy for your users. When a visitor lands on your site, they should be able to complete a task without too much trouble. An overly complicated website will cause a visitor to leave for a competitor. You want to ensure that your UX (user experience) is clean and straightforward. For example, if your visitor wants to make a purchase, they should not have to click on two or three pages to buy a product. A simple button can direct them to the right place.

You will want to keep the design clean while still anticipating the needs of your visitor. Some websites have added a FAQ section to keep the user informed without too much fluff.

If you want to create an exceptional website experience, put yourself in the shoes of the visitor. It is crucial to minimize the steps to find the right information for your user. When you need help with your UX, reach out to a Philadelphia branding and design agency.

2 – Add Testimonials

One psychological trick is to tap into humans’ herd behavior. People feel comfortable making decisions when they can identify with like-minded individuals. After a person has gone through the research phase, they often will ask friends and family for recommendations. If they cannot find any suggestions, then these individuals will look for online reviews.

For that reason, you will want to add testimonials to your website. Along with validating their feelings, testimonies can help in the research stage. You will want to highlight reviews from real customers to give an honest opinion about your products or services. In some cases, providing less than great reviews can show that you aren’t trying to hide any issues. Potential clients want honesty from you.

Ask former customers to write testimonials for you. While those occasional customers might ignore your request, returning clients love to give their reviews. If you continue to struggle to get reviews, think about providing an incentive for writing an honest testimonial.

1 – Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Unfortunately, there are times where you have everything in place and still can’t boost those conversion rates. If you don’t set yourself apart from competitors, it could be time to up your game. Think about giving your customers a deal that they cannot get from another source.

Some might deem it as “too good to be true,” but as long as you make a legitimate offer, it doesn’t matter. Many visitors will come to your site and leave items in a cart. For one reason or another, they left the site without making a purchase. You can change their minds by giving them a fantastic deal on those abandoned items. If you have their email address, make sure to send reminders with a coupon. When you trigger that sense of missing out, it can lead to big results for your conversion rates. The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a big driving force to make visitors click on that purchase button.

With a bit of help from these psychological tricks, you will be able to increase the conversion rates on your website.

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