How to Write a Website Welcome Message That Makes People Stay

Writing a welcome message should be an easy thing to do. You want to craft a message that makes your visitors stay on the website. With a few short words, you must define what you can offer to your visitors. If you are ready to write a great welcome message for your website, make sure to follow some of these tips.

What Is a Welcome Message?

When a customer lands on your website, you can display a welcome message for them. In some situations, a welcome message is a way for you to greet your consumers and tell them more about your business.

There are other things that a welcome message can do for your customers. The ideal message launches your customers into a journey across the website. Some welcome messages are delivered through email, but in-app messaging, live chat, and third-party applications are other ways to connect with your audience.

What is the goal of a welcome message? These messages ensure that your visitors will not leave the website before they subscribe to your newsletter, make a purchase, or carry out another type of action. Welcome messages are more than just keeping your visitors on the website. You want to grab their attention so that they can engage with your business and brand.

Along with that, brand matters for your welcome message. The design, style, and formality levels should be similar across all communication channels and easily identifiable for your clients. Whether you want visitors to browse your blog or make a purchase, here are a few options that you may want to use for your website.

Outline Your Website’s Purpose

One way to write a website message is to provide your visitors with your company’s statement of purpose. You want to tell these users what they can expect to find and achieve at your site. Use as few words as possible. No one wants to read a novel on your website. With that, the end-user can understand what you will offer them.

You also want to avoid any fluff. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. You don’t want to write a welcome message that is unhelpful to your website visitors. Make sure that everything is concise and brief. When you waste the time of your site visitors, they are more likely to leave.

Finally, bullet points are great. They help boost readability for the visitors. With better readability, the user is more likely to stick around and browse your website. If you have trouble finding the right message for your customers, reach out to a Philadelphia branding and design agency for help.

Provide Small Excerpts from Important Pages

Another approach to a welcome message includes some snippets of content from your important pages or blog entries. With that, you can give your audience a little “taste” of the website. Don’t forget to add links to these pages.

You might want to have several thumbnail images that feature article previews. With these previews, you can link the images to an article. When the user’s mouse hovers over the picture, they can easily click on the content.

This is the time to put on your SEO hat. All of the titles should be attention-grabbing and meaningful. Along with that, the images must have an alternative title associated with them. When you add those elements to your welcome message, your site might rank higher on Google.

Allow Visitors To Enter a Contest

If you want to welcome your visitors and capture their attention, give them a chance to enter a special contest. Everyone loves prizes! With this, you can give away something to your loyal visitors and make the site interesting for new users. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to build that email marketing list.

Offer Enticing Discounts and Subscription Lists

Many creative companies in Philadelphia recommend that you try to catch the attention of your visitors. When customers come to your site, they want to know what you can offer them. You can use this curiosity to your advantage.

While the customer might not make an immediate purchase, they could be interested in purchasing something later. With a welcome message, you can avoid losing this valuable lead. You want to offer an enticing discount that can be used today or at a later time. These discounts are the ideal way to get users signed up for your email marketing list. Once you have an email address, you can improve your chances of a sale with special discounts and other bonuses.

Many consumers have a fear of missing out (FOMO). This can be an effective way to get them to purchase. When the welcome message appears, make sure that the customer knows that they must act quickly to get the discount before the deadline.

However, you cannot use this tactic without changing the offer. For example, if you want someone to sign up for a newsletter, they can accomplish that at any time. With discounts, you can get the consumer to sign up before that special offer disappears. You must create a welcoming message that requires an urgent response. If there is no deadline, your visitors are more likely to ignore it and leave the site.

Create Personalized Return Windows

You might think that welcome messages are just for new visitors, but you can use them for returning customers. With brief and personalized messages, you can show some love to your loyal visitors. Many visitors will appreciate that your company remembered and recognized them. Along with that, make sure to offer a special discount that can match previous purchases and searches.

A welcome message can include more than a simple hello. With these tips, you can keep your visitors engaged longer with your website and brand.

Get Help With Your Welcome Message

If you are trying to find the right way to write a welcome message, get some help from Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising. We have the experience to engage your potential clients and returning customers. You can schedule a consultation by calling (484) 879-6145.

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