Branding. It’s quite literally the thing that sets a company apart. Companies can spend a long time acquiring and changing their branding. But for new businesses and ones in need of some new branding, the best way to tell that story is with the help of branding agencies in Philadelphia. Here are just a few ways in which a branding agency can have a real impact on your business.

Logo Design

What goes into a logo? It’s about more than crafting a doodle that’s somewhat eye-catching. It’s about capturing the heart of a company, what it does, and how it says that to the world. If you think about the world’s most recognizable logos, they tell a story. The arrow in Fed Ex gives it momentum and direction. The simple elegance of the Mercedes-Benz logo conveys its commitment to luxury. If you are in need of a logo, then branding agencies in Philadelphia can help craft one that does more than catch an eye. It can tell someone what they need to know about you before they click through to your website.

Custom Apparel

You know when you walk into your favorite shop or restaurant in town and they have cool apparel and merch? This has become a great way for companies not just to get a little bit of extra money, but also to get their loyal customers to become walking endorsements. There are very few branding agencies in Philadelphia that do both graphic design and apparel design, which is one of the reasons why Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising is so special. We have worked with numerous companies to create custom apparel that looks great and sells fast too!

Brand Storytelling & Guidelines

You will hear the words “brand” and “story” close together very frequently. That’s because, in many ways, they are the same thing. Branding, at its core, is the process of telling your story through your visual elements, whether that is a logo, a color scheme, a set of design principles or even the tone of your communications and social media engagements. All of this is part of your branding, and the right branding agencies in Philadelphia can help bring all of these elements together into a cohesive brand story.

Website Design

You can have the world’s coolest branding, the best logo and the coolest apparel that fly off the shelves and onto your most loyal customers but without a well-designed website and online experience, all of this won’t matter. Top tier branding agencies can help you get your company looking its best and they can design a website for your customers that will turn them from curious into conversions.

Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising is one of the top branding agencies in Philadelphia. Every day, we strive to help our clients tell their stories in unique and impactful ways. If you are looking to make your brand more recognizable and better received in today’s digital world, we can help. From web development to graphic designs to digital marketing and branding, we help craft stories so you can tell the world who you are.

“You only get one first impression, we’re here to make sure it’s the right one!”

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