How much should a Logo Design cost in Philadelphia?  

If you are looking to redesign your company logo, your first thoughts turn to price. Some agencies charge thousands of dollars, while online sites could give you a logo for less than a hundred. When you are in the market for a logo, here are the prices that you can expect to pay in Philadelphia.

What You Should Expect To Pay for a Logo

As a business owner, you want to find the best deal. With a new logo design, you need to know the typical pricing for this service. You should find a creator who shares the same ideas as you. There are a few things to consider regarding prices, such as typeface, color palette, and logo variations. If you are haggling about price, think about the value of a new design for your business.

When it comes time for a logo, you want to find a design agency that has a portfolio that speaks to the business and can solve any marketing problems for you. However, with a fantastic logo that meets all of your business needs, you should expect to pay more for it. Remember that those cheap designers at Fiverr are not concerned with solving any of your marketing problems. They will deliver a logo, but it will not add any value to your company. You want to choose a professional Philadelphia branding and design agency to create a memorable logo.

How Much Will a Logo Cost?

The actual price will depend on several factors, such as the agency’s experience, level of specialization, and demand. In most cases, you can expect to pay between $1,000 for a single logo to $100,000 for a whole new logo and brand.

Choosing Someone To Design a Logo

You might wonder why some designers charge thousands of dollars for a logo while some only ask for a few dollars. In many cases, those expensive logo designers work alongside large corporations. Bigger companies want to use a design agency with a track record of success, and they often have higher budgets than smaller businesses.

On the other hand, smaller businesses have a smaller budget, and there is not much risk when they need to create a logo. These owners might not see the logo as a vital part of their success, and they are fine with hiring a designer that offers a lower price.

When it comes time for the business owner to find the right logo design agency, they should check out their past portfolio. In many cases, you can judge a person’s work based on:

  • Case studies
  • Referrals
  • Expertise
  • Social proof

Pricing Models

There are several types of pricing models that designers use to charge a client. The first one is called the input model or cost-plus. Under this model, the agency charges per hour. Plus, you can expect to pay for their overhead and fees. However, you might not find this model in the world of logo design. In many cases, this type of pricing can penalize the agency for working efficiently.

The next type of pricing model is called the output model. This is the type of pricing system that is simple to understand. The business owner creates a scope of work. There will be a meeting between the client and agency, and all the design elements are discussed. The client will know whether the agency can deliver on their requests. Once both parties agree, the agency starts to work on the logo design. When the logo is delivered, the agency is paid for the work.

Many agencies use this type of pricing because they can quickly get to work without losing out due to their efficiency. However, contracts are a vital part of the model. In a contract, the agency decides how many logo options or revisions will be performed. Plus, there are other terms and conditions that both sides have in agreement. If the project goes over the schedule, there could be penalties for the agency.

Finally, the last type of payment model is the value-based one. In many cases, these models are based on the type of client. Some businesses might not have a large budget for their logo design. The owner wants everything for a minimal cost. The agency could give the client a price break. On the other hand, if you are a large corporation with a large budget, the agency might charge you based on these circumstances. They know the value of their design, and they will try to make the most money from their expertise.

Asking for Exposure

If you are in the market for a new logo, you might want to ask someone to design it as a form of exposure. However, this is never the ideal choice for your business. When you ask a professional to create a design for you, it is important to pay for their expertise. In some cases, exposure can create bad blood between the two parties. While exposure might seem like a good deal, you often can’t go back and ask for revisions for the logo. You might be stuck with a product that will not change with the needs of your business.

For that reason, it is always best to choose a professional agency to design the next logo of your business. Many of these companies will employ the output model. You must outline your needs and wants from the design. Once the agency understands that, they can create a scope of work that will meet your business goals. Whether you want to freshen up your current logo or need a new design, it is crucial to find the right people for the job. Those cheaper options might seem like a great deal, but it leads to long-term disappointment.

Creative Companies in Philadelphia

If you are looking for the right choice in the area, reach out to the creative team at Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising. We have the experience to design the best logo for your business. You can schedule a consultation by calling (484) 879-6145.

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