Designs can change from year to year. If you have a company, you want to keep up with the latest trends. When you need a logo design, these trends are an essential part of branding. For that reason, you need to understand the newest brand trends of 2021 for better awareness in the marketplace. Let’s look at the top 10 latest trends for this year that many creative companies in Philadelphia are using for their clients.

10 – Motion Design

When you look at a logo, it is typically a static image. However, it might be time to rethink that logo. With video and animation, you can make effective use of visual advertising for your company. Since technology is evolving, expect the trend of motion design to continue to grow over the years.

With social media networking providing more accessibility in the world of advertising, you want to have a design that engages the audience. An animated logo pushes your marketing to the next level. When someone looks at a static logo, there is a higher chance that they will forget about it. However, an animated logo allows you to hold the person’s attention for several seconds. In turn, your brand is more likely to be remembered than those with a static image.

9 – No Symmetry

When a company is designing a logo, the team wants to produce an excellent product for their clients. These designs are usually created in a grid. One of the newest trends is allowing abstract illustrations to hit the market, opening the way for many creative ideas. With most objects having an asymmetric look, these graphics have a more life-like quality with no symmetry. This style allows the designer to compose the graphic freely and gives it a unique feel.

8 – Unusual Fonts

In some instances, logos and graphics can look similar, especially when the text elements look the same. Many graphic design agencies have come up with their own style of typography. When abstraction is added to those fonts, it will give more individuality to the project.

7 – Thin Geometric Lines

Over the past few years, minimalism has been a hot design trend, and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2021. Now, these lines are showing up in linear shapes and elements. Thin lines look more aesthetically pleasing and stylish. Plus, these designs can easily catch the eyes of the viewer. With a thin line, there is an opportunity to add some individuality to a particular brand.

6 – Gradients

Gradients have been around for many years in the design world, and they are still as popular as ever. With the development of technology, graphics need a wider variety of hues. Gradients are a vital part of modern style. Today, gradients are used to switch between colors and change the saturation rate of a hue.

When gradients are used, it can create an interesting visual effect that gives a logo an original and fresh look. Along with that, the logo will have a better sense of dimension and depth.

5 – Symbolic Shapes and Icons

Many of the major brands have shapes and icons in their logos. In 2021, those icons and symbols are still trendy. However, these shapes are now blended into the rest of the design. In many cases, the symbol designates a particular service or product for the brand. Some symbols even have incorporated themselves into the typography of the logo.

4 – Overlapping

Many designers are using overlapping images in their projects. With that, there is a clear connection between two distinct types of elements. In addition to that, with overlapping, the image features more dimension and depth. Designers can use overlap in several ways, including overlaying two colors, repeating texts in another color, combining logo elements, and boosting the transparency of an element.

With the overlay effect, the logo will be an eye-catching component of your branding. This will definitely be a trend for the next few years.

3 – Retro Style

Vintage elements are slowly making a comeback. You might notice that design elements from the 80s and 90s appear everywhere, except in automobile design. Many designers love the look of those retro designs because of the simplicity of the shape, the connection to new typography styles, and the dimmed colors. Plus, when trying to reach an audience, several generations will be filled with nostalgia when they see graphics in a familiar style.

Today’s retro style is combining that old look with an innovative approach. With that, the consumer will remember those “old days.” The retro look is exceptionally effective in many different industries, from coffee shops to logistic businesses. When graphic artists incorporate this retro style, it shows that they respect those traditions from many years ago.

2 – Hand-Drawn Logos

Over the years, many modern logos have been created with the help of software. With hand-drawn logos, a brand can be more effectively represented. When there is a custom illustration, the logo looks unique and complex. Plus, custom fonts and icons can accompany the design. Along with that, a hand-drawn logo can hold the consumer’s attention longer than those composed with software.

1 – Negative Space

Throughout the years, designers have used negative space in their work. This is one of the steadiest trends in the world of logo design. With negative space, the logos are complex, and it draws more attention to certain spaces. In a basic sense, that negative space will underline any positive area, pushing the limits of creativity while raising brand awareness.

2021 is an excellent time for consumers and designers. There is more focus on creativity than in the past. With these trends, a graphic design agency can create an outstanding logo for your business.

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