8 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Graphic Designer in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware

It can be challenging to find the right designer for your next job. You need to find someone who has the experience and understands what you require for the project. If you have never used a graphic designer, you might have plenty of questions. Before hiring the first person off the street, here are eight things to consider for hiring a graphic designer.

1 – Specify Your Needs

Before you hire a graphic designer, you need to find out what you need for your business. Are you looking for a long-term partner or want someone for a one-off project? At this time, make a budget for the project. It could be a good idea to think about what precisely you require for the job. A single graphic piece is excellent, but you might want to create a new branding project that can meet the needs of your business. With all the right information, you can find the best graphic designer for the job.

2 – Start the Interview Process

There are several factors that you will want to seek out for a graphic designer. First, professionalism is very important for many businesses. You don’t want to hire an agency that can’t keep open lines of communication. When it is time for a complete branding overhaul, you need to find someone you can trust.

Consider the personality of the agency or designer. Some cater to a younger crowd, while others stick to their older clientele. Since you will be working with a designer for several weeks, you want to hire someone who shares your exact vision. Plus, it is vital to choose a designer who respects you and listens to your thoughts. When you work well with someone, it can make a difference between the success and failure of the project.

Finally, experience is key. This is the chance to review their work history and educational levels. Plus, you can ask what type of software they use to create their work, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

3 – Look at Their Portfolio

Any professional graphic designer or agency will have a portfolio for their potential clients to review. In many cases, it will be available online, especially since graphic design work is generally part of the digital visual marketplace.

When reviewing a portfolio, you want to make sure that the designer’s style matches your needs. You can also check whether they have worked with similar clients like you. Their portfolio should have well-done examples and illustrate that they understand branding.

4 – Access To Other Professionals

With a graphic designer, their main job is to market visuals and create a brand for their clients. However, if you want an entire marketing team, you might want to find collaborative partners for the job. Whether you are hiring a solo worker or an entire team, you want to make sure that they can cover your entire marketing needs.

Some graphic design companies have relationships with other types of collaborators, such as:

  • Website programmers
  • Social media managers
  • Copywriters
  • Marketing strategists
  • Editors

When your graphic designer works together with these professionals, you can expect a high-quality product developed for your business.

5 – Find Out About the Design Process

When you are paying for a graphic, you want only the best product. It is essential to ask about the designer’s process. For example, do they research the market to choose the right typography and color? In many cases, the designer will sketch out the project using one of the popular computer programs. A great designer should give their client “proofs” to make adjustments before creating a final product. Finally, many designers have a final presentation of their deliverables to show the clients.

6 – Ask About Availability

You should never assume that the agency or graphic designer can take your project immediately. In some cases, they could be booked out for several weeks. You will want to ask about a starting time and date of completion. Plenty of professional designers will have a waiting period to start the next project.

7 – Get a Price Quote

If you have found a great graphic designer or agency, you will want to ask about a proposal. Many designers will give you an approximate cost that could change once they have the full scope of the project. Once you have agreed to specific terms, you can expect to see a detailed proposal within a week.

8 – Read the Contract Carefully

Contracts are very important. It will protect you and the designer from any misunderstandings. Plus, a professional contract will show that your designer is professional and can deliver a great project. In the agreement, you should review the entire scope, project outline, and price estimate.

Final Thoughts

After you have gone through the process of hiring a graphic designer, you need to plan for the future. Many agencies will give you a copy of the files, but they could charge if you need any additional copies. When you need to make changes in the future, they will probably charge for those revisions. Along with that, if you happen to lose the copies, will the design team be able to retrieve them in their files? All these questions can help you in the future and put your mind at ease when hiring someone to handle your graphic design.

When it is time to hire a graphic designer, there are plenty of things to consider. In many situations, you want to find a solo worker or agency to develop a long-term relationship. When you need to make any changes, they will understand your needs, and you will be guaranteed quality work for any project.

Find the Best Graphic Design and Branding Team

If you are located in Philadelphia, Delaware, or New Jersey, you want to find a high-quality team for designing the best graphics for your business. At Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising, we have a team of qualified professionals who deliver high-quality projects for your business. You can schedule a consultation by calling our office at (484) 879-6145.

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